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Is my property served by Mustang Valley Water Supply?

Follow this link to our CCN map by clicking HERE. If you are within the boundaries of the Mustang Valley Water CCN, then we are your water corporation. Still not sure? Give Karen or Amy a call at 254-597-2445 or email us by clicking HERE.

How do I get a meter installed on my property? 

Start by reading the "Quick Guide for New Meters/Members," which is a downloadable pdf at the bottom of this page. The steps you need to take are listed there. First, a Hydrology Test must be performed by our engineer to determine work and costs. Call the office to request a Hydrolgy Test for a new meter or fill out the form below and submit the fee for your study. The engineer should have the test completed within 10 working days in most cases.

I'm selling my property and transferring my Mustang Valley Water membership to the new owner. What do I do?

Start by reading the "Quick Guide for Transferring Membership," which is a downloadable pdf at the bottom of this page. In this scenario, you have probably already talked to the buyer, who has decided to keep the water membership. It is important that you contact the MVWSC staff with the name and contact information of the buyer and submit the Transfer Authorization. The buyer will also need to talk to us.

I'm selling my property and the buyer does not want a membership with Mustang Valley Water. What do I do?

A portion of your membership is refundable. Please call the office to make arrangements for closing your membership, to let us know the last day service is needed, and to pay off your balance. After service is closed, the meter will be removed.  If you have already sold abd closed on the property, then the refund must go to the new property owner.

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